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Mind-blowing activities enhancing your boat accommodation

Being passionate about the sea, we are always happy to propose exciting activities that will make your stay onboard even more special. You will not only relax and add majestic images and experiences to your holidays, but you will also get in touch with the ever-charming blue element and most of all with yourself.

Whether you are travelling with friends or family, you are bound to find the activity that meets your needs and fulfils your wishes. We are sure you will enjoy it to the fullest.

All activities take place on our fully-equipped boats operated by a seasoned skipper, ensuring absolute peace of mind.

Boat trips to nearby islands

For travelers that select Scorpionero yacht for their accommodation on the island of Ikaria, there are numerous options for daily getaways to wonderful destinations. The beautiful nearby islets of Fournoi, Arkioi, Marathi and Lipsi are the hidden gems of the Aegean that are worth discovering. You will love their azure waters and isolated beaches. The islands of Leros and Samos are also great options for swimming and touring around.

Aboard Ploutis Clipper Schooner you will sail to the islands of the Argosaronic Gulf. Hydra, Poros, Spetses, Aigina, Agistri await you to dive into their crystal-clear waters and enjoy great food and explorations at scenic villages. Depending on the destination you will select in July and August (Ikaria, Santorini, etc.) we will be happy to propose trips that will enchant you.

Boat rides to ancient shipwrecks

On sunny, summer days when the wind is calm, the sea invites us to discover the treasures lying on the seabed. Quite a few shipwrecks have been discovered in the Fourni archipelago, and once you sail there you can clearly see the finds spread over the seabed from the boat. Witness unique underwater archaeological finds, get carried away by pirates’ stories, and combine the trip with a refreshing swim in marvelous waters.

Fishing at nearby areas

Would you like to try one of the oldest island-life traditions? No prior experience is required to give fishing a shot. Whether you are a fishing aficionado or you simply want to try it for the first time with your family and friends, we will sail together to the best fishing places, depending on the weather and the season. Get ready for an unforgettable trip!

Swimming in wonderful beaches

Emerald waters, isolated inaccessible beaches, sheltered coves. You can discover them all by boat! Enjoy a day of swimming and fun away from the masses and dive into a truly rejuvenating experience. Depending on your destination (Ikaria, Attica, Santorini, etc.) our skipper will propose the best beaches so that you can enjoy the sun and the sea to the fullest.

Boat operation and sailing lessons

If you love the sea and boats as much as we do, it’s time for you take a taste of boat operation and experience the magic of sailing. Discover the secrets of the sea and the wind on our boat. Our experienced trainer will provide useful tips so that you can enjoy an exciting adventure.

Drop us a line, let us know about your wishes and we will make sure that you will experience the holiday of a lifetime filled with carefree, creative and relaxing moments.