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Why boat accommodation?

10+1 great reasons to select a boat for your holiday accommodation in Greece
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The concept of Philoxenia at Sea does not simply entail holidays by the sea. It’s about unique accommodation on boats docked at amazing destinations on the Greek islands.

You may wonder “Why book a boat and not go for the tried and tested option of an apartment or hotel room, since I’m not looking for a sailing holiday?”.

The reasons of sleeping onboard are plenty, and are certain to add a different -rather charming- dimension to the typical concept of holidays.

So, why stay on a boat while in Greece?

  1. Holidays are all about changing our daily routine, even for a little while. It’s not about escaping the four walls of home to retreat to some other building. I choose to stay on a boat, because I am seeking for a different experience; an experience so special and unique that I will cherish forever.
  2. All amenities are arranged in limited space, and thus I can enjoy the pleasures of simplicity, hanging out with friends, and sharing.
  3. I want to listen to the lulling sound of the sea throughout the day and night, breathe in the sea breeze and get carried away by the blue of the sky and the ocean.
  4. I can bask in the sun, right at “home”. I just need my bathing suit and towel.
  5. Boat accommodation is an affordable option. When I feel like it, I can sail to wonderful destinations just for a small additional fee, which would otherwise be wasted on the elegant décor or comforts of some luxury hotel room.
  6. At nights I won’t be affected by the heat nor the unhealthy and often annoying operation of the air-conditioning system. I will be cooled and lulled by the sea breeze in the most pleasant way I had ever imagined.
  7. I won’t have to put up with annoying neighbors, their bickering or never-ending parties. Yet, when I happen to quarrel or have a party, there won’t be anyone around to disturb.
  8. I enjoy my stay away from noisy residential areas, but still my accommodation is just a breath from the local market and the conveniences of central spots.
  9. My own “floating haven” is always a sunny, airy, bright and happy place to be.
  10. I can request boat accommodation at the place or island I prefer. I am not looking for a typical hotel room or B&B, so I don’t need to adjust to what is on offer at inconvenient locations, when there is no room availability at my preferred holiday destination.
  11. At the end of the day, I want to stay on a boat because I’m a restless spirit. I love to try new things, I dare to stand out and I want to live life in the most extraordinary way!

Would you like to enjoy the amazing experience that boat accommodation has in store? Contact us to make your reservation.